Is Grace right for you?

  • Are you looking for a place where you can truly connect with God and build relationships with others?
  • Do you desire to grow in your faith and do something besides sit in a sanctuary for an hour a week?
  • Do you expect church to be a place where people are loved and respected without exception?

Then Grace is right for you!
We are a bunch of people who love Jesus a lot! We are living our faith here in the Wabash Valley. Our worship is genuine and our fellowship sincere. There is a sweet spirit at Grace that you will appreciate as soon as you walk through the doors. If you don't have a church to call home, then I invite you to come and see if Grace is right for you. Families of one or more are always welcome. I invite you to join us as we walk with Jesus and grow to be more and more like Him as His Spirit works in us.

In Christ and Hope,
Mike Pringle